On a wedding day, put simply, I document a love story: telling it through the art of pausing time. Stopping each moment as the bride sees it, as the groom sees it, as the guests see it. Saying to one moment, "You there, you stop." And whispering to another moment, "Yes, you. You get to stay." I freeze each moment in time—saving it as a tangible reminder forever and ever—past the life span of the flowers. Past the expiration of the cake.

But beyond that, on a wedding day, I'm documenting the start of a story much more profound. A story that digs much deeper and beats all odds.

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meagan & Rocky

columbia, south carolina wedding on the river

jess & CJ

senate's end wedding in columbia, south carolina

elizabeth & bobby

cheraw, sc wedding


elizabeth & bobby

kevin leer on main wedding

Ahh! I had a very hard time picking favorites for this blog post. If only I could share them ALL! Elizabeth’s beautiful wedding details were all shot on film (my fav!!), Bobby’s smile was so big and joyful, and the decor was just beautiful. <3 Everything about this wedding was so sweet...


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