It sounds a little cheesy calling it an experience, but that's what it is. When you book your wedding with me, I don’t just show up on your wedding day, take your pictures, and then send you off into forever.

I give you an experience. A really beautiful, tangible experience that makes the entire process fun, meaningful, and lasting. Read a little more about it here, and then get in touch for all the sweet details.


the heart behind 

what i do

My own love story started when I was 16, and I married that brown-eyed, dimpled, high-school-sweetheart of mine 6 years later. (Best decision ever.) A lot of things make me happy, but at the top of that list is capturing moments for people that make their heart swell every time they see them. To have someone look at a photograph and recognize, “I am made better by the love that got captured in this picture... 

I am loved by my better half, by my most favorite of people, and by a God who never, ever stops adoring me.” Well, that is my goal here. To show you that love is BIG. It is meaningful. It is beautiful. It is so profound. My goal is to show that love goes deeper than any one love story: that each marriage is the tale of a God whose saving grace is so magnificent, it can't even be fathomed.


I believe love makes us better

Along with surprises, every couple who books their wedding with me gets DISCOUNTS on future sessions. (Mini sessions don’t count, but regular sessions do!) The best part about the discount is that it’s a percentage discount, not a dollar amount, that way as my business grows and pricing increases, your discount will too! I would love to be your photographer for life—so call me up when the babies come. (:


While everyone else and their brother is shooting with DSLR cameras, I'm kicking it old-school with medium format film. I believe that film gives the most romantic, timeless look to your photos, and that its tones cannot be matched. Read more below about why I love being a film photographer.


The best part about having me photograph your wedding will definitely be the surprises. The photos will be good too (obviously), but I absolutely LOVE spoiling my couples along the way. Yummy treats, fun gifts, surprise notes…these are a few of my favorite things. (;


Every couple that books gets a 65-page bridal magazine that I’ve created to aid you in planning your wedding. It’s packed with wedding-day tips and tricks, and teaches you all about my shooting style and how I prep for the wedding day. I also have a recommended vendors list I send to every couple who needs it, and a ton of advice to share. All you have to do is ask!


The thing my clients love about me the most (so they’ve said), is that I’m FAST at responding to them. I won’t leave you hanging, and promise to get back to you as soon as I can. Any time you have questions, comments, concerns—I’m here! Just give me a call, shoot me an email, or drop me a line on Instagram.




what makes me



People often mention that my images look like a work of art, which is why I LOVE photographing in film. I want every image to be artful—rich tones, stunning colors, and a timeless feeling that only film can give. I truly believe that film has an aesthetic that cannot be replicated.



Some people immediately think "video" when talking about film, but film photography isn't to be confused with video. (Although videos can also be produced using film or digital mediums.) I primarily stick to photography, but have plenty of great videographers I love working with that I can recommend!


IT's not

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jess + cj

I truly cannot say enough about how amazing Karly is! Just one look at her website and you can see how talented she is, but what you can't see from her photographs is how sweet she is. My fiance and I were a little nervous being in front of the camera for our engagement pics, but just being around her immediately put us both at ease! She made is all SO easy and comfortable! She made our wedding day completely stress-free with her direction and organization, and we even got a little preview of our photos the day after the wedding! I truly cannot say enough good words about Karly! I'm honestly going to miss talking to her now that the wedding is over, but we will 100% use her for all photographs in the future! 

katherine + richmond

Before my husband and I chose Karly to photograph our engagement, bridal and wedding photos, I felt very overwhelmed about picking the "perfect" person. As soon as I contacted Karly, she made me feel so comfortable!...Every single photo she took was intentional and captured the emotions of the day. I look at my wedding photos constantly and am beyond thankful we had such a talented woman behind the camera. We love Karly and would recommend her to anyone!

aubrey & karl

We absolutely loved Karly! She took pictures of EVERYTHING at our wedding and was always there with the camera as soon as we needed her. She did a great job having everything organized and ready to go before the day-of so it was never chaotic or confusing/rushed. She was absolutely fantastic and such a pleasure to work with!



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