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I’m Karly, a hybrid (digital + film) photographer specializing in weddings and portraits for people who love love. I believe in a God whose grace always wins, having a bite of dessert before dinner, and watching Disney movies no matter how old you get. I absolutely love photographing people and am inspired every day by this business and how each couple and family loves each other.

There's a lot to explore, so make yourself comfortable, stay a while, and do say hello if you please.



my why

the heart behind 

what i do

My own love story started when I was 16, and I married that brown-eyed, dimpled, high-school-sweetheart of mine 6 years later. (Best decision ever.) A lot of things make me happy, but at the top of that list is capturing moments for people that make their heart swell every time they see them. To have someone look at a photograph and recognize, “I am made better by the love that got captured in this picture... 

I am loved by my better half, my most favorite of people, and by a God who never, ever stops adoring me.” Well, that is my goal here. To show you that love is BIG. It is meaningful. It is beautiful. It is so profound. My goal is to show you that love makes you better. And for you to see that you are loved by so many, and by a God whose magnificence can’t even be fathomed.

I don't like regular coffee. OR hot tea. Call me a sterotypical southerner if you wish, but I want my tea cold and SWEET, and that's the only way I like my coffee too. Wake me up with a vanilla bottled frapp & my day just got 100x better.

my favorite things

caramel frappucinnos

My whole life people have called me mature for my age, but I've always been a kid at heart. Disney movies are never a bad idea, but I especially love a classic to cheer me up when I'm feeling sad.
My favs: Lion King & Frozen 

my favorite things

disney movies

Give me a good book, a shady spot on a beautiful sunny day, and an eno to lay in, and it will take actual force to make me leave. There isn't much I love more than getting lost in a book while the sunlight pours through the trees.

my favorite things

eno laying + a good read

Friends, you aren't supposed to bake the cookies all the way. Just a minute less will have them perfectly gooey. I always eat them while they're warm with a cold glass of milk, and MAN is it the perfect treat! (P.S. Cookie dough is gross.)

my favorite things

melty cookies



meagan & Rocky

columbia, south carolina wedding on the river

jess & CJ

senate's end wedding in columbia, south carolina

elizabeth & bobby

cheraw, sc wedding


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