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My name is Karly. I am a wretched sinner saved by God’s amazing grace on the cross. I’m a bible-based Christian, I go to a bible-based church, and I am as the bible says “…not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes…” —Romans 1:16

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“Growing up and into a classical Christmas story that has been tied with the twine of “Christianity,” the tender cracks and imperfections exposed themselves as I got up closer. As I dug in deeper. As I questioned God and His realness. As I wondered, why would you ever come to save us in this way?
Mary, she was a judged woman. And Joseph was a proud man, ready to abandon his fiancee for her crime of infidelity. The feeding trough was filthy, a lowly space for animals to drop their waste and heavy bodies. The baby, he was screaming. The night was cold. And the two must have wondered, as they shivered and prayed and waited on their savior, where is the miracle in all of this?
A messy, little story with no edits made along the way…. This ain’t no pretty Christian story.
Not prim. Not pixy. Not perfect.
Not the manger. Nor the virgin. Not the myrrh.
Not made for the ears of Christians alone. Not merely for the ones used to bending their knees and bowing their heads.
This is a story for anyone, and any heart, who has ever needed a savior.
Someone to swoop in and convince you with a confidence that you are not alone and that just. you. wait, because even through the unfavorable odds– a virgin, a bitter fiance, no shelter, no crib–the miracle arrives. And the music sweeps in. And the fog of the night clears. And a star shines so bright that it hypnotizes men to leave their fields & flock to follow.
This is a story, a Christmas story, for any soul that ever needed to know that God can make really beautiful things out of messes. And that He remembered us enough to come down and prove it so.”
Hannah Brencher.

The story of Jesus started with a baby in a manger, and Hannah Brencher’s words about the Christmas story sum up so well what it means for God to love us:


(I fail.)

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