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Everything changed when I had babies. Time became invaluableā€”never having enough and always wanting it to slow down. Pictures gave me a way to freeze time. To jump back into a memory I miss so much. My little people (and my big ones) mean so much to me. I want to show them how much I love and cherish them, now and long after I'm gone. That's why I care so much about having photographs, and making them accessible to view and enjoy. Not only in my own family and home, but in yours too. You and your people are precious. I want to help you create the proof of that. <3 

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I did a photo session in college and asked my friends if they thought it was good enough to charge for. They said yes. (Great friends!)


After graduation, I joined the corporate world working in digital marketing, but continued doing photography. Over 100 sessions/weddings later, I went full-time with photography.


After six years of photographing weddings, families, and businesses, I launched the Capture Better Photos Course and found a love for sharing what I know with moms who treasure photographs as much as I do.


I opened a studio space! The Studio Square is the perfect indoor studio option for my clients (at no extra charge!), and is also available for rent by other photographers.

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A ketchup thief won't find my ketchup in the refrigerator. Pantry only. I don't like cold ketchup. 


I married my high-school sweetheart on our anniversary after 6 years of dating.


It's on my bucket list to see the northern lights. Because Balto.

I believe in a God whose grace always wins and having a bite of dessert before dinner. 


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