The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that will.

Part of my job is spent convincing people that they need to be photographed. (Because they do.) I've recently realized that isn't enough. What good is it to build a legacy if it isn't documented and shared? Being photographed is step 1, but there's also everything that comes after—organizing, printing, compiling, and creating with your photographs in a way that tells your story—your legacy. 

My goal is to help fill this gap. To teach you how to clear the chaos and take control of your photographs.

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For the baby mamas, fur mamas, bloggers, and adventurous couples who want to learn to take great photos—without the technical talk. 

Here's what you can bet:
There won't be any long lectures here. No lengthly explanations. No technical babble. You're going to learn the things you need to know to make a great photo.

No special equipment required. Just you. And the camera you've got with you.


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