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Wedding & portrait photography is a beautiful, wonderful career, and the business side of it is my JAM. I started this business over 3 years ago as a way to make money when I was in college. (Entrepreneur, much?) I loved the idea of setting my own pricing, figuring out who my clients are, creating a great client experience, & managing the money coming in

and out. I loved it so much, I made it my full-time job, and I don’t ever have a day where I’m not excited about getting out of bed in the morning. Everything about this business fires me up, and I would absolutely LOVE to share my knowledge with you. Tell me—how would your life be different if you could really WIN at running a business?


I graduated college with a bachelor’s degree in integrated marketing communication…that’s a fancy title for a degree in learning how to make businesses be successful. I LOVED it. Here is an overview of my strengths:

+ marketing (my love)
+ branding & copywriting
+ web & graphic design
+ client experience

karly, teach me your ways

Now, do you really think I’m going to teach you all my secrets? OF COURSE I WILL. I’ll tell you anything you want to know, and am happy to help a fellow photographer. I believe (even though there are MILLIONS of photographers already) that there’s room and a market for all of us, and I would LOVE to help you find your specialty. The thing that makes you better than all the others, and the thing that makes you unique from all the others.

+ social media strategy
+ effective communication
+ streamlining workflow
+ pricing for profit


Short answer: anyone who is ready to learn.
Long answer: Whether you're a novice (just bought a camera and don't know how to work it), a seasoned photographer that needs a boost in figuring out a business plan/goals, your niche, or how in the heck to book more clients (with an effective marketing plan), these are for you. Whether you're ready to get legit and start a business or if you're a new mom who wants to take better pictures of your children as they grow, these mentorships are for you. 

Who are these mentorships for?

Short answer: $550.
Long answer: The price of one of my portrait sessions. The price of a new coach purse. Education is invaluable—as much as I hate thinking about my student loans, my education was worth every penny, and that's how I want you to feel after a mentorship with me—like the knowledge you got was invaluable, and the money you paid was worth every penny. I've done mentorships and taken education classes over the last few years that were terrible and not worth the money I paid—I'm making it impossible for these mentorships to be like that.

how much is this going to cost me?

Short answer: whatever you want + a headshot session.
Long answer: Each mentorship is set up specifically for YOU. We'll start with a phone call where we can talk all about you, your goals, and what you'd like to learn, and then I'll follow up with a questionnaire to help aid in planning out our time together. Each monitorships is about 3-4 hours long, and we'll spend the last 30 minutes with a headshot session where you get to be in front of the camera! (Even if you like being behind the camera more than in front of it, I promise we'll have FUN doing your headshots, and I'll walk you through everything I'm doing while I photograph you.)

what all is included?

+ legitimizing your business
+ creating a business plan
+ learning your camera
+ finding the light

Short answer: everything from setting up your LLC, to learning your camera, editing, my favorite Facebook groups for photographers, posing, making your clients feel comfortable...(this is becoming the long answer.)
Long answer: I will help you plan the session so you get EXACTLY what you need to learn to go forward with an awesome game plan for growing your business. Here are some of your options:

I don't know what I want to learn—it's all so overwhelming. What are my options?

+ editing basics
+ posing clients
+ setting up a workflow & goals
+ so much more

you ready to make this happen?

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