Where? How? WHAA!! Wedding planning is stressful, and where the heck are you supposed to keep up with all of this information and your thoughts/questions/concerns? (Hint: a binder doesn't cut it.) 

With Trello, you can wedding-plan from anywhere you have internet access. (There's even an app on your phone!) This template has everything you need and then some to keep all of your vendors organized. Read below for everything it includes!

wedding vendor organization like no other. get your ish together today.

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Wedding Planning Trello Board Template


Upon purchase, we'll send you a link to the template with instructions on how to copy it to your account. (It's easy!) Copy it in a few clicks and get going TODAY!

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Trello is a simple workflow program that is so easy to use. It's free to create an account. Download the app to your phone for easy access, or access it online.

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*By purchasing this template, you agree and understand that Karly Richardson retains the sole copyright to all content included. No part of this template, in full or in part (including your altered template), may be sold, leased, loaned, assigned, transferred or given away.

A card for every vendor that includes the 3 most important questions you'll want to ask before booking. 

Your vendors are in order from the ones you need to book FIRST to the ones you can wait a few months out to book. (And it's color-coded!)

Checklists, checklists, checklists. We've included checklists for every vendor, but you can add your own too. Plus, set deadlines. Yep. You're going to be SET.

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