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2017 Spring Mini Sessions! | Lexington, Columbia, SC Portrait Photographer

Jan 19, 2017


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Eeek! This will be my first time EVER offering spring mini sessions. I typically only do one set of mini sessions a year, and that’s at Christmas! My clients always LOVE their Christmas tree farm sessions (maybe almost as much as I do!).

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably heard that I made the leap and am diving into film photography this year. (And that I’m so excited about it I can barely contain myself.) Film photography is SO COOL, and yes, a little old school. You’re probably wondering why in the heck I would want to shoot film when I have the luxury of digital photography, so I’m going to post some FAQs below. (Some of you might not even know what I mean when I say film photography—go read the FAQs and I’ll explain!)

But first—let me talk about the mini sessions! If I’m wanting to get better at film photography, I need to practice! That’s why I’m holding these mini session—it will allow me the chance to get practice with this new medium, and you’ll get some really beautiful pictures at a much cheaper rate than I normally offer. WIN-WIN!

There are only 10 spots available, and they’ll take place on Saturday, March 4th. Get all the details (like pricing and how many images you get) here:

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These can be for couples, families, or even seniors!

spring mini session couples families seniors lexington sc

Get all the details and book your spot here:


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Film Photography Questions Answered:

film camera in lexington sc photographer

  1. What is film photography and WHY would you want to use such a medium?
    It’s exactly what it sounds like—remember back in the old days before digital cameras? People took photos using strips of film and then had to get them developed in a dark room? That’s exactly what I mean when I say film photography, and while it may seem old and silly—it’s actually so beautiful, and so timeless, and I am in LOVE with the end product. There is something about the colors, the light, and the overall appeal of the images that are produced with a film camera. That’s why I want to shoot film—because it’s beautiful and it is so. classic. It won’t EVER go out of style. (Unlike yucky filters, and heavy editing, the light, clean processing of film images will forever be in style and beautiful. And your photos deserve to be beautiful forever…not just right now while a certain style is “in.”) That little beauty up there (above image) is all mine and ready to take your photographs. (:
  2. Wait—if you have to send the photos off to a lab, won’t that make your turnaround time longer?
    Yes and no. My normal turnaround time is 2-3 weeks, and although I normally deliver sessions earlier than that (sometimes as early as a few days), it will definitely take a minimum of 2 weeks to get the film images back. But don’t worry—they’ll come promptly, and they will be delivered as digital files, just like my normal images are delivered. You might not even know the difference! (Except maybe they’ll be extra pretty. (:)
  3. What if (since you’re new at this) none of the film images turn out from the session? Isn’t that a thing? Will I still get images?
    Absolutely. I would never charge you and not deliver the most beautiful images I absolutely can. I will be shooting film and digital during your session to ensure that, if something should happen to the film, you will still have images at the end of the day. (Beautiful ones that you will love!)


Do you have other questions as they pertain to film photography or these mini sessions? Let me know! You can find my email here.

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