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30 Never Looked So Good | Kathleen & Friends Portrait Session, South Carolina State House

Nov 30, 2016


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It must be a popular year to turn 30. Or at least a popular year to take photos when you do! In case you missed it, I did a cake-smash session a few weeks ago for a gorgeous lady who just turned 30. (Check it out here.)

Kathleen, the sweet lady in white with a baby bump, reached out and said she had 7 best friends from high school who all wanted to celebrate turning 30 this year and being best friends with a portrait session! One friend ended up not making it to the session, but we had fun with everyone else!

Enjoy some of my favorites of these beautiful ladies (who don’t look a day over 20)!

2016-11-29_0001 2016-11-30_0002 2016-11-30_00012016-11-30_0003 2016-11-30_0006 2016-11-30_00082016-11-30_0004 2016-11-30_0007 2016-11-30_00052016-11-30_0012 2016-11-30_0010 2016-11-30_0013 2016-11-30_00152016-11-30_0016 2016-11-30_0014 2016-11-30_0012 2016-11-30_00182016-11-30_0019 2016-11-30_0022 2016-11-30_0020 2016-11-30_00212016-11-30_0023 2016-11-30_0025 2016-11-30_0024 2016-11-30_00262016-11-30_0027 2016-11-30_0028 2016-11-30_0030 2016-11-30_0029 2016-11-30_00312016-11-30_0032 2016-11-30_0033

It was a cold morning, and we ended up looking for a spot to grab some coffee after the session. Turns out we were the first ever customers of the new Blue Flour in Columbia! Such a sweet little spot right across from the State House!

2016-11-30_0034 2016-11-30_0035

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