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Brayla | Birthday Pictures in Lexington, South Carolina; Columbia, SC Photographer

April 5, 2017

BRAYLA IS THREE, Y’ALL! My little babies are growing up so fast. ): I can’t even believe that my oldest nephew will be 17 this year, and that my youngest niece is THREE! Where has the time gone? Nothing makes you feel older than watching little people (whose diapers you changed) grow up.

This little gal and her sister are the sweetest girls in the whole world. Not only are they incredibly beautiful, but even at such a young age, they have hearts of gold. I am so proud to be their aunt, and so, so, so, so excited to watch them grow up. I just know, even through¬†the hard stuff they’ll face as they get older, they’re going to be rockstars. They’re going to shine so bright in a world that can be so dim. I love them so much, and¬†can’t wait to see how their lives unfold as they grow.

Happy Birthday, you sassy thing! <3

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