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Carla is Graduating! | Columbia, SC Senior Photography

Apr 17, 2016


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I always get a sinking feeling when I open my weather app and see raindrops. Don’t get me wrong, I love a rainy day…just not when I have sessions scheduled. NEED PRETTY GOLDEN SUN. Despite the forecast, Carla was ready to have her graduation pictures taken…and not even the rain would stop us! Motivation much? I bet she feels the same way about the end of this semester. Nothing is going to stop her from making it to the finish line! (Send up some prayers for her. Like any college student so close to the end, I know she could use them!)

Even though it was drizzling and wet, she had the most gorgeous smile the whole time. She is so beautiful inside and out, and I am SO excited for her. She is going to be a wonderful, wonderful teacher. Enjoy some of my favorites from her GRADUATION SESSION!!!

2016-04-17_00172016-04-17_0001 2016-04-17_0002 2016-04-17_0003 2016-04-17_0004 2016-04-17_0005 2016-04-17_0006 2016-04-17_0007 2016-04-17_0008 2016-04-17_0009 2016-04-17_0010 2016-04-17_0011 2016-04-17_0012 2016-04-17_0013 2016-04-17_0014 2016-04-17_0015 2016-04-17_0016  2016-04-17_0018 2016-04-17_0019 2016-04-17_0020 2016-04-17_0021 2016-04-17_0022    2016-04-17_0026 2016-04-17_00232016-04-17_0024

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