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Intimate Backyard Wedding in Columbia, SC | Edward + Mary Etta

May 19, 2020


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I can’t even imagine how couples feel who planned to get married this spring. Everyone’s world has been rocked because of the coronavirus and the government shutdowns, but man, the event industry took a big hit—events that have been in the making for years have been completely cancelled, changed, or rescheduled—including wedding days.

I always tell couples when they’re planning for their wedding that it’s SO OFFICIAL once they book their venue—because that means they have an official date and that makes it so real. Unfortunately for so many couples this spring, their wedding dates have all changed. Our wedding date meant a lot to us, so I can only imagine how stressful and disappointing it would be to have all of this going on. I have been praying for so many of you!

Thankfully for Edward + Mary Etta, there was just a small change in plans. Instead of having a big wedding this spring, they moved their big celebration to the fall and opted for an intimate backyard wedding instead on the date they had originally planned. This beautiful day was held at the bride’s parent’s house and it was just perfect (if you ask me!). This is what wedding dreams are made of: vows said in a special place, beautiful weather, and furry friends running around (among so many other sweet things). It was the most laid-back, classic wedding I’ve ever been to.

Surrounded by their closest friends and accompanied by the amazing sound of bagpipes, Edward + Mary Etta said their wedding vows. Before the ceremony, Mary Etta’s friends prayed over her, and even I shed tears.

Their celebration in October will be beautiful too, but I don’t think anything will compare to how intimate and precious this day was for them! <3

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