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Jessica + Mike | River Road and Jasmine House Wedding Photographer in Lexington, SC

Dec 19, 2016


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I met Jessica + Mike at a bridal show before they were “officially” engaged. Right from the start, I knew they were going to be a fun couple to photograph, and well, that is an understatement! Their wedding was one of my most unique yet! The biggest thing that was different from the norm was that they got married in the morning! Normally on a wedding day, as I consider the light, I’m thinking about the sun setting and getting darker, but all morning as we ran around photographing all the details, I had to remember that the sun wasn’t setting—it was rising! It was the neatest experience, and so much fun! I don’t know why more people don’t have morning weddings. Instead of cake, they cut a giant chocolate croissant, had a beautiful exit where guests threw leaves (please scroll to the end and see how beautiful it was!), and so many other details that were so meaningful and special to who they were.

Enjoy my favorites from their wedding day, and be sure to leave them a big congratulations—they’re officially married!!

P.S. Check out Jessica’s BEAUTIFUL Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens bridal portraits here! (Seriously, they’re some of my favorites!)


Vendors that helped make their day so special:

Venue: River Road and Jasmine House // Coordinator: Sarah Christmus (River Road and Jasmine House) // Florist: Sandra Chastain // Catering: Sarah Christmus (River Road & Jasmine House) // Chocolate Croissant: Silver Spoon Bakery // Invitations and Paper Goods: Zazzle // DJ: TJ McKay // Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet at David’s Bridal // Groom’s Attire: Destination XL // Groomsmen Attire: Joseph Abboud at Men’s Wearhouse // Hair: Tabitha Camana, Salon on Devine // Bride’s Shoes: Modcloth // Officiant: Dr. Elaine Vincent // Cake Toppers: Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

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