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Kaylie + Nick | The White Home – Rock Hill, SC

Jan 3, 2016


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This beautiful couple has been married for almost a year now, and I’m FINALLY blogging their wedding. (: Don’t worry — they got their images soon after the wedding, I just haven’t blogged them on my new site yet! The turnaround time for weddings is 2-6 weeks, including blogging now that I have a blog!

So let’s get to it…this wedding was at The White Home in Rock Hill, SC—one of my favoriteeeee places! I just love this couple’s love story and had such a fun time at their wedding. The bride was gleaming all day—she was so happy and beautiful and sweet. And her groom was the perfect gentlemen! I’m pretty sure they are a match made in heaven.

This was my first time ever photographing a first look, and it was soooooo fun to be part of! I’ve been a bridesmaid to so many of my friends who have done first looks, and I’ve always wished I could be part of it and to hear what they were saying (of course, since it’s set up to be a private moment, I was never able to). So getting to actually be part of one was one of the sweetest things ever!! I tried to stay back to give them some privacy, but getting to be close enough to share and capture the moment with them was just so awesome…a photographer’s dream. (:

I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from their sweet March wedding!

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Are you currently engaged? I’d love to capture your wedding day too! Just reach out to me by clicking the button below and we’ll talk details!

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