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3 Tips for Getting Your Groom to Cry When You Walk Down the Aisle

Sep 26, 2017


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Whether you admit it freely or not, there’s a good chance you want your groom to cry when you walk down the aisle, right? Or at least have some kind of reaction?! As a bride, I definitely wanted Tyler to cry (although I didn’t tell him that), and as a photographer, I want every groom to have a great reaction—whether that’s a big gasp, flowing tears, or the sweetest smile.

Here are 3 tips to help set your groom up for the best reaction possible:


I didn’t think Tyler was going to cry when I walked down the aisle, and boy was I wrong! It was the sweetest thing in the world, and you know why I think he cried? Because it took a full 2 minutes for me to walk all the way across the field to be by his side (we got married on a farm and the aisle was veryyyy long). He had plenty of time to think about the moment, listen to the music, and watch me as I walked slowly toward him. I’ve noticed that when grooms have more time to soak everything in, they react more emotionally than if it only takes 5 seconds for the bride to get down the aisle. (If you don’t leave time for him to cry, he won’t be able to!)


This is a big one! A lot of people go with a traditional song, but if you can find a song to fit the occasion that your groom likes, that will help him feel all the emotions of the moment even stronger.


Have his friends calm him down right before the ceremony by praying with him or just asking him how he’s feeling. Giving him a chance to have a quiet moment or a calming conversation to reflect on the day will help him focus on what he’s doing and the impact it is making on his life (which can definitely be emotional!)

If your sweet groom doesn’t cry or react in a huge way, don’t be disappointed! It’s a lot of pressure, and it doesn’t mean he loves you any less. I photograph a lot of weddings, and I can tell you that the majority of grooms don’t have a “special” reaction. It won’t hurt anything to implement a few things to try to make him cry, but trust me—a huge grin will be enough to make you swoon. <3

Really though—are you hoping he cries?! Do you think you’ll cry?! I’d love to know in the comments below! (And if you have any other tips for everyone, would you leave them below as well?)


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  1. Stephanie says:

    I think that’s so true about the long aisle! Great post Karly! 🙂

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