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Let’s Go Bananas | Wyatt’s First Birthday Party Decorations

Jan 13, 2020


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Eeeek!!! My little baby is ONE! I can’t even begin to explain how much I love him. He is just the light of my life and a true joy to be around.

He is the happiest, best baby. I couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect year with him. I am just grateful and so undeserving of the blessing that he has been to me. God is so good.

The month of December came and I had no clue what I was going to do for his first birthday. I didn’t really want to have a huge party, but I of course wanted to celebrate him in some way. We eventually decided on just doing a small party with our immediate family at our house, and it turned out so great. It was small and focused on him, and just so, so sweet.

Now on to the decorations!

After scouring Pinterest for theme ideas for the party, I ended up just trying to think about Wyatt and the things that he loves. That made it easy to decide: he loves monkeys and his favorite food is bananas! Easy enough! The color-scheme was decided when we celebrated Noah’s (Wyatt’s uncle) birthday and Sherrie (Wyatt’s grandma) bought these cool balloons for it! I loved them and knew I had to have them for Wyatt’s party. They were super colorful with a watercolor design and just so fun. AND they came from the dollar tree, so they were only $1 for a whole pack.

The brown balloons for the trees came from The Party Shoppe! That place was very, very cool. Thank you to everyone on Instagram who recommended it after I went to multiple stores trying to find brown balloons.

I designed the invitations myself and had them printed with Moo (highly recommend—I love them so much), then I watercolored the front of the invites myself to match the balloons!

I used the same typeface from the invitations to print out these letters on the door. I had a bunch of construction paper in my office, and had plenty of yellow to print these on!It was a yucky, rainy day. Also, I lost these balloons. They flew away at some point and we couldn’t find them in the neighborhood anywhere. The leaves and monkeys came from Amazon and the ONE balloons and green streamers came from Party City. The cake came from Publix—it wasn’t exactly what I envisioned, but for the price, I’m not complaining. It was cheap, and it tasted good! The cute cookies were made locally by a woman named Katie from Mommy and Me Bakery ( I just LOVE this cute monkey candle. It was just perfect. It was handmade! I found it on Amazon.I made this “bark.” You DO NOT want to try it. Because you’ll never stop eating it and you’ll get really fat. It’s DELICIOUS. Here’s the recipe. Make at your own risk. Found the pretty flowers from Publix on sale when I picked up the cake. This balloon arch was not exactly what I envisioned. My original plan was to put it over my “ONE” balloons/setup. It was WAY too thick up against the wall though. It looked weird and closed the room in. Tyler suggested putting it in between the walls where the kitchen and living room come together. It looked much better here and helped tie everything together. Thanks for the suggestion, Ty! Because of this, I ended up adding the two trees on each side of the “ONE” set up. I originally only had the two trees by the fireplace. These prints came from Artifact Uprising. I use these in his baby book! I made his highchair garland and name sign myself with paper I had in the office. I watercolored the ONE letters, but it faded a lot! I should have done it a little darker. This footprint artwork is his footprints when he was born on top of his footprints at one! Just so sweet!! Wyatt kept going crazy over all the bananas in the house. He loved it. Happy Birthday my sweet baby! We love you so much!!!! <3

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