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Matt + Sarah “I Do BBQ” Wedding Reception | Lexington, SC Photographer

Sep 29, 2016


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The idea of having an “I Do BBQ” is the cutest thing ever!! Matt and Sarah eloped, and it wasn’t JUST an elopement…these two got hitched in a HELICOPTER! How cool is that? I wasn’t there to photograph the happenings of that, but I did get to photograph their after-party! It was so cute. You could tell that Sarah put in a lot of time and effort to make every single detail special. My favorite part? There was BBQ AND Pelican’s Sno Cones!!! She was gracious enough to let me take a plate and a scoop home with me! <3

Enjoy some of my favorites from their cute reception!

2016-10-11_0013 2016-10-11_0014 2016-10-11_00152016-10-11_0016 2016-10-11_0017 2016-10-11_00182016-10-11_0019 2016-10-11_0022 2016-10-11_00232016-10-11_0043 2016-10-11_00512016-10-11_0024 2016-10-11_0021 2016-10-11_0025 2016-10-11_00262016-10-11_0027 2016-10-11_0028 2016-10-11_0029 2016-10-11_00302016-10-11_0031 2016-10-11_0039 2016-10-11_00402016-10-11_0041 2016-10-11_0032 2016-10-11_0033 2016-10-11_00342016-10-11_0035 2016-10-11_00362016-10-11_00422016-10-11_0038 2016-10-11_00372016-10-11_0045 2016-10-11_0046 2016-10-11_00472016-10-11_0055 2016-10-11_0054 2016-10-11_0049 2016-10-11_00502016-10-11_0052 2016-10-11_0053 2016-10-11_0048

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