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Meet Olivia, My Summer Intern | Karly Richardson Photography

Jun 1, 2017


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Summer is always the busiest time of year for me‚ÄĒit’s when wedding season is in full swing and families are getting together and wanting new family portraits. On top of the weddings and portrait sessions, I also have a few new exciting things I’ve been working so hard on (sign up for my email list here to get the scoop!). To make sure it all gets done, and instead of¬†facing the overwhelm and the busy all by myself, I decided to bring on an intern for the summer. I’m so excited to introduce you to Olivia!


Olivia is a red-headed sweetheart who loves playing soccer, watching Grey’s Anatomy, and eating pickles! She is starting¬†her senior year in the fall at the South Carolina Governor’s School for Science and Mathematics.¬†Olivia loves photography and has been doing photoshoots for her friends for a while now. She‚Äôs going to be helping me a lot on the business side of things that are mostly behind-the-scenes, but if you want to see some of our shenanigans, follow me on Instagram and check out my Instagram stories!


Q&A With Olivia:
1. Where are you from?
Monks Corner, SC
2. What is your favorite thing to do on a beautiful day?
Go to the beach or on a hike that involves fishing.
3. Cookies or brownies?
4. Why do you love photography?
I love photography because it allows you to capture the beauty of a moment, person, thing, or place.
5. What are you grateful for today?
Today I’m grateful for the opportunity to have two really cool jobs!


Did you know I hired an editor this year also? This little business is growing, and I’m just so thankful!

My passion is in documenting the lives of our families well (mine and yours), and teaching you how to do it too. Follow along as I share photography tips, inspiration, and beautiful portraits.

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