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Overcast Wedding Styled Shoot Inspiration | Columbia, South Carolina Riverfront

Mar 9, 2017


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When you decide you want to shoot film, you go out and practice. BUT…film is expensive. So, practicing on just anything isn’t very fun. That’s how this small shoot came about: my sweet friend Meredith and I decided to put together a little shoot where we could practicing shooting film. Amber + Hall, one of my favorite couples from last year, said they could be our models, and the rest was history! OH—and Molly Fornadel agreed to make us some beautiful flowers and greenery for the chair and she ROCKED it. This girl is fabulous to work with; if you’re looking for a florist, definitely check her out!

It was overcast the day of the session, and actually had been calling for rain the whole week prior. We weren’t able to reschedule so we said a prayer, and it ended up not raining on us at all. Overcast situations are hard to deal with, because the sun is constantly coming in and out from behind the clouds. That makes it difficult to keep the editing consistent. I’m glad it ended up being overcast though, because this is an awesome opportunity for me to show couples a good basis for what your pictures will look like if we shoot on an overcast day. I think overall, my images always turn out warmer to compensate for the cloudiness, and also for the sun peaking out every now and then.

Unfortunately the whole shooting film aspect of the shoot was a fail. (: Meredith had just gotten her film camera in and wasn’t sure how to use it yet—she didn’t want to try using it for this shoot and waste film, so she shot digital the entire time. I, on the other hand, was SO EXCITED to finally shoot some film, and well….this was definitely a learning experience. (: I SOMEHOW managed to put the film in my camera upside down, TWICE, and I thought my camera was broken, so I didn’t shoot as much film as I wanted to. (I tried to put it in upside down again later just so I could recognize what I was doing wrong, and I couldn’t even do it wrong…I don’t know what I did those two times to make it actually go in my camera incorrectly.) Also, my camera battery was dying, and I totally forgot to even think about batteries. (What, film cameras have batteries too? Haha.) Overall, it was a great shoot because I learned a lot in those two hours, and I had a ton of fun hanging out with Amber + Hall, and of course Meredith and Molly.

Enjoy some of my favorite shots, all on digital. (:

Photography: Karly Richardson, with Meredith Jamison // Location: Columbia Riverfront // Florist: Molly Fornadel Events + Design // Dress: Elegant Bridals // Chair Rental: Lauren Gregory

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