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Paradise, Pennsylvania Engagement Session | Hannah + Jarret in Amish Country

Dec 22, 2017


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I can’t believe I’m writing this blog post right now…

I’ve been close friends with Hannah since elementary school, and it’s crazy to think that she’s getting married and IIIIII get to be her photographer!!! Ahh, I feel so blessed. Nothing means more than having friends supporting your business and dreams.

Quick story time—Hannah has played a very huge friend role in my life and there are two MAJOR things that happened to me that wouldn’t have been possible or bearable without her. The first thing was when I quit dancing. When I was younger, my entire life/existence revolved around showing up at the dance studio in Gilbert, SC and dancing my heart out with some of my favorite people ever. One day that all changed, and when I quit, it literally felt like someone dug a hole out of my me. It really was my first breakup, my first heartache, and I was devastated and so depressed. A lot of people helped me get through it, but Hannah was one of the main ones who helped—I’ll never forget her hanging out with me the day after I quit. She had a car, and I didn’t, so after school, she drove us to Sonic to get slushies, and then we went to an arcade down the street and we had a blast. We jammed out in her car to all the best songs, and it really made a difference to the beginning of my “life after dance.”

So, quick story turned long story, Hannah was there for my first heartbreak and she was also there for my first love. Er, uh…more like, without her, I might not be married to the love of my life right now. (: Hannah and I ate lunch together in high school, and in 10th grade after lunch, we had our last class on the same hall. Every day we would walk down the hallway together, and randomly we would end up walking behind Tyler and his friends. Hannah + Tyler were in the same math class that semester, and one day after dishing that I thought he was cute and had a great smile, Hannah told on me. That hallway/classroom flirting started the spark that’s still alive today, 8 and a half years later. (: Thanks for that, Hannah! <3

Anyway, enough about me…I can’t remember when Hannah first told me about Jarret, but I remember when I met him, I couldn’t stop smiling—I was SO HAPPY for Hannah. He got my mark of approval instantly, because I could tell that he was perfect for her.

For their engagement session, I headed to Paradise, Pennsylvania (where they live now), AND IT WAS AMAZING. It was definitely one of my top memories of 2017. The city they live in is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and I absolutely loved getting to see all the Amish families and farms. I even tried Shoo-Fly Pie, and it was delicious.

We had so much fun exploring with them, and I’m seriously planning a trip to go back!

Hannah & Jarret, I’m SO, SO, SO, happy for you guys and I can’t WAIT until the wedding!!

Enjoy my favorites from their engagement session/weekend trip!

Isn’t Ava just the cutest? LOVE her!!

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  1. Libby says:

    These are simply gorgeous. Can’t wait to see how beautiful this couple will be in their wedding day.

  2. Pamela Anderson says:

    Hannah, you are as gorgeous today as you have always been! Inside and out! Thank you for always being there for Karly!! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming wedding! The pictures are just beautiful! Again, and I say again because you’ve heard this before, my fondest memory of you and Karly is…..getting gas at Joey’s! Such a funny/hilarious video memory!! May the Lord always bless you and yours!

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