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Sidney + Holt Portraits | Christmas Card Mini Session, Hollow Creek Tree Farm

Nov 23, 2016


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I asked them right as the session got started if they liked being a sister/brother duo, and Holt said he wished he had a brother. Understandable, but c’mon—he is probably the best older brother EVER to his sister Sidney. They were the CUTEST! Amanda (mom) hung out around the farm while we took photos, and it was perfect. Without the stress of mom being around, we had a ton of fun. I let them pick some of their own poses and spots, and had a blast listening to their ideas. I had them telling me jokes to get them to smile really big…and they know some really funny ones! I always wished my brother was a little closer in age to me—I imagine our relationship would have been just like Holt’s and Sidney’s. They were so stinking sweet, and so fun to hang out with!

Enjoy some of my favorites from their session, and be sure to scroll down to the end to see their Christmas cards we designed!

2016-11-23_0001 2016-11-23_0003 2016-11-23_00042016-11-23_0005 2016-11-23_00022016-11-23_0006 2016-11-23_0009 2016-11-23_0007 2016-11-23_00082016-11-23_0010 2016-11-23_0011 2016-11-23_0012 2016-11-23_00132016-11-23_0014 2016-11-23_0016 2016-11-23_00172016-11-23_0015 2016-11-23_0018 2016-11-23_0019Christmas card photos brother and sister Christmas card photos on tree farmChristmas card photos kidsChristmas card photos

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