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Tyler + McKenzie | Wintergreen Woods Wedding, Lexington, SC Photographer

Aug 25, 2016


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Almost all of the grooms I’ve photographed this year have gone to the Citadel—how crazy is that? Tyler is the one who brought that to my attention, because one of his Citadel buddies is Matt (pictured later in this post, and also here). It’s been pretty neat because I’ve gotten to hang out with some of the same groups of people all year.

Tyler + McKenzie had a beautiful ceremony and reception at Wintergreen Woods, despite how muggy and rainy it was all day. Their wedding was probably the most humid one I’ve had yet! Even so, it was a perfect day for this sweet couple.

Enjoy some of my favorites! (Including a sweet father/daughter first look and McKenzie’s new monogram ring!)

2016-08-25_0001 2016-08-25_0002 2016-08-25_0003 2016-08-25_0004 2016-08-25_0005 2016-08-25_00232016-08-25_0006 2016-08-25_0007 2016-08-25_0008 2016-08-25_00092016-08-25_0018 2016-08-25_0020 2016-08-25_0010 2016-08-25_0019 2016-08-25_00112016-08-25_00242016-08-25_00252016-08-25_00262016-08-25_00272016-08-25_0028

They wrote their own vows, and they were just so heartfelt. <3 This is the kind of personal touch that makes me all teary-eyed.

2016-08-25_0021 2016-08-25_0022

McKenzie really wanted to do a father/daughter first look, and I’m so glad she did! All the bridesmaids stood in front of her to hide her (pictured below), and when her dad walked in they all moved over to the side. I think almost everyone in the room was crying by the end.

2016-08-25_0012 2016-08-25_0014 2016-08-25_00152016-08-25_00162016-08-25_00292016-08-25_0030 2016-08-25_00312016-08-25_0032 2016-08-25_00332016-08-25_0056 2016-08-25_0055 2016-08-25_00542016-08-25_0049 2016-08-25_0050 2016-08-25_00512016-08-25_0057 2016-08-25_00592016-08-25_0060 2016-08-25_0061 2016-08-25_0062 2016-08-25_00632016-08-25_0064 2016-08-25_0065 2016-08-25_00662016-08-25_00372016-08-25_0038 2016-08-25_0039 2016-08-25_0035 2016-08-25_0036

Matt is the third from the left in the picture below. His wedding was a few weeks after this one, and his pictures are coming SOON. Stay tuned. <3

2016-08-25_00402016-08-25_0041 2016-08-25_00432016-08-25_00692016-08-25_00452016-08-25_00462016-08-25_0047 2016-08-25_0052 2016-08-25_0053 2016-08-25_0067 2016-08-25_0068

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