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Wyatt’s 18 Month Photos!

Jul 17, 2020


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Ok ok ok, I’m feeling pretty slack about the fact that I didn’t blog any of Wyatt’s 6 month photos (they were super cute) or his one year photos (I barely took any). So here’s a lil peek:

(The one on the right was from a year old!)

I always thought doing fruit baths was pretty weird and cheesy, but when I realized I was about to miss my opportunity to do one with him (because he’s getting older) it became a necessity. Haha! Most people do fruit baths at 6 months or a year, but this was PERFECT for his 18-month pictures. (Not to mention his birthday is in January, so a fruit bath wouldn’t be great then.) He LOVED it. He loves water + fruit, so he had a blast!

I have been wanting to get some updated photos of his cute little toes and eyelashes (like I do for newborn photos), and this was the perfect opportunity! I even got a cute shot of his little booty that I love! (Posting it censored for the creeps of the internet.)

This little dude is 18 months old, but is huge for his age. He is TALL and weighs a whopping 30 pounds! I can’t wait to go to his next appointment to see his official height and his percentages compared to other kiddos his age. He is extremely smart (he knows so many words), so sweet (his kisses are the best), and has a laugh that completely melts me every time I hear it. I never knew a human so little could bring so much joy.

Enjoy some of my favorite photos ever of the little boy who has stolen my heart!

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