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Briahna + Ashton | Columbia, SC Maternity Photography

Nov 25, 2015


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It took some convincing to get this girl behind the camera. I’ve known her for a very long time, and still, she just wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having pictures made. One day when she’s older though, I hope she looks back at these pictures and remembers how sweet it was to carry her little girl. Not only will they be there for her to cherish, but hopefully that little baby Caroline will grow up and cherish them too.

Caroline will look at them and be amazed at how loved she was before she was even here. She’ll think about how beautiful her mother is, and how sweet her dad is to her mother, and to her.

Maternity photography is my absolute favorite. There aren’t many things more beautiful than an expectant mother. Her body, her mind, her entire life, was changing right in front of the camera. She won’t ever be the same after this. But she’ll be able to look back and be thankful for the growth, and the change, and the sweet time she had just carrying and getting ready for her little girl. <3


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