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Cathryn | USC Horseshoe Graduation Pictures

Nov 11, 2016


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I had the honor and privilege of meeting and photographing sweet Brooke and her family a few weeks ago, and shortly after that, Cathryn reached out and was super excited about having her graduation pictures done with me!┬áCathryn goes to USC and is graduating THIS December! She’s an early graduate just like I was. (:

She showed up with three of her friends looking like they just walked out of a magazine. What could be better than that? They were so sweet, so laid back, and so fun! We had the best time hanging out, and I just loved reminiscing about college with them. I sure do miss it some days!

Enjoy some of my favorites from her session, and be sure to leave her a big CONGRATS! This girl is graduating soon, and I just know she is going to jump out into the real world and do some really awesome things. <3

Congratulations, Cathryn! I’m cheering for you!!

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