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Lexington, SC Children’s Portraits | Mrs. Linda’s Grandchildren

Nov 11, 2016


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I won’t lieā€”being a photographer is all kinds of fun. I get to hang out with the sweetest people, usually people who are in love or are celebrating big things in their life (marriage, babies, graduation). WELL. The most fun people to photograph? KIDS!!! And not just any kids…the sweetest, cutest little things ever!

Mrs. Linda is a dear friend from my church, and when she asked me to photograph her grandkids for her Christmas cards this year, I was so excited! I just knew there would be rolling in the grass, running through the woods, jumping in the air, and lots of giggles involved. (A few of my favorite things.)

Enjoy some of my favorites, andĀ be sure to scroll down to the bottom to check out their Christmas card I designed!

2016-11-11_0033 2016-11-11_0034 2016-11-11_00362016-11-11_0038 2016-11-11_00392016-11-11_0037 2016-11-11_0040 2016-11-11_00412016-11-11_0042 2016-11-11_0043 2016-11-11_0044 2016-11-11_0045 2016-11-11_00462016-11-11_0048 2016-11-11_0047 2016-11-11_0049 2016-11-11_0050 2016-11-11_00512016-11-11_0053 2016-11-11_0054 2016-11-11_0055 2016-11-11_0056 2016-11-11_00572016-11-11_0058 2016-11-11_0060 2016-11-11_0059 2016-11-11_00612016-11-11_0062 2016-11-11_0064 2016-11-11_0063 2016-11-11_00652016-11-11_0066 2016-11-11_0067 2016-11-11_0068 2016-11-11_0070 2016-11-11_00692016-11-11_0075 2016-11-11_0074 2016-11-11_0071 2016-11-11_0072 2016-11-11_0073christmas tree farm photographychristmas tree farm photography christmas tree farm photography christmas tree farm photography

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  1. kimberly rhodes says:

    I’m the other grandmother to Ainslee & Avery Brown. I just looked at the pictures you did- they are beautiful. You do very good work. I seldom get pictures of these two and would love to get some.

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