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Cheyenne Bridal Portraits | Springdale House & Gardens West Columbia, SC Wedding Photographer

Oct 2, 2016


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Y’all!! If you’re seeing this post that means Cheyenne has already walked down the aisle at the Springdale House & Gardens and is officially MRS. SMITH!!!! I am so excited for her and Liam and can’t WAIT to share their wedding photos with you!! Did you miss their gorgeous engagement photos? They are some of my favorite engagement photos EVER. Check them out here.

Enjoy some of my favorites from her bridal portraits and follow me on Facebook and Instagram so you don’t miss her wedding photos!!

2016-10-02_0001 2016-10-02_0002 2016-10-02_0003 2016-10-02_0004 2016-10-02_00052016-10-02_0006 2016-10-02_0007 2016-10-02_0008 2016-10-02_0009 2016-10-02_00102016-10-02_0011 2016-10-02_0012 2016-10-02_0013 2016-10-02_0014 2016-10-02_00152016-10-02_0016 2016-10-02_0017 2016-10-02_0018 2016-10-02_0019 2016-10-02_00212016-10-02_0022 2016-10-02_0023 2016-10-02_0024 2016-10-02_0025 2016-10-02_0026

My passion is in documenting the lives of our families well (mine and yours), and teaching you how to do it too. Follow along as I share photography tips, inspiration, and beautiful portraits.

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  1. Pam Anderson says:

    These are absolutely stunning Karly! Such a beautiful bride! Well done!

  2. Kris Booker says:

    Fantastic job. Close ups are absolutely amazing! They all convey so much emotion.

  3. […] great to work with through the whole process—from Liam + Cheyenne’s engagement photos, to Cheyenne’s bridal portraits, to the planning of the […]

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