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Randall Family Session | West Columbia, South Carolina Photographer

Oct 12, 2016


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I’m not gonna lie‚ÄĒwhen Mandy posted in one of our local photography groups looking for someone to photograph her family of 18, I was a little nervous! 18 is a big number! Then I thought about how I pose large families like that together at weddings all the time and told her I would love to do them! With a family “core” of 5 siblings, it wasn’t bad at all. I ended up LOVING getting to photograph such a big family! We did group shots, individual shots, and even some¬†with just the kids!

Hurricane Matthew rolled into town the morning we were supposed to do the session, and we didn’t think we were going to be able to reschedule because some of the family was here from out of town. Thankfully the storm passed, the sunshine came out, and we were able to figure out a time that worked great for all of us, and we made it happen! I love how they turned out! Enjoy some of my favorites. (:

2016-10-11_00642016-10-11_00782016-10-11_00792016-10-11_00662016-10-11_00652016-10-11_0068 2016-10-11_00672016-10-11_0071 2016-10-11_0072 2016-10-11_00732016-10-11_0070 2016-10-11_00692016-10-11_0081 2016-10-11_0080 2016-10-11_0083 2016-10-11_00822016-10-11_0077 2016-10-11_0075 2016-10-11_00742016-10-11_0062 2016-10-11_0061 2016-10-11_0060 2016-10-11_00632016-10-11_0059 2016-10-11_0056 2016-10-11_0057 2016-10-11_00582016-10-11_0076 2016-10-11_0085 2016-10-11_0084

My passion is in documenting the lives of our families well (mine and yours), and teaching you how to do it too. Follow along as I share photography tips, inspiration, and beautiful portraits.

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  1. Pam Anderson says:

    Where is the love button for all of these pictures?! From the little children all the way up to the most mature! Beautiful moments, beautiful people, beautiful pictures!

  2. […] few months back I photographed portraits¬†for a fairly large family (around 18 people). Nicole, who is a sweet friend who owns her own […]

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