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Courtney’s Bridal Portraits | Gardens at the Governor’s Mansion + Lace House in Columbia, SC

Jul 30, 2016


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I have been DYING to share these….

Do you know how HARD it is to keep pictures of a beautiful girl secret for more than a few weeks? It’s HARD. But today is the day….WEDDING DAY!!!

Courtney + Brian are walking down the aisle today and shouting, “I do” from the bottom of their hearts. Until I have those pictures ready for you to enjoy…these should hold you over for a while. (:

We had a BLAST at the gardens surrounding the Lace House and Governor’s Mansion in Columbia. I’ve been wanting to do a session there FOREVER, but they close at 5:00 every day, and I only do portraits during the evening as the sun is setting. BUT when your husband has the hook up…you get in and you have the entire place to yourself, with gates locked behind you. It was AWESOME!

Courtney is as sweet as they come. The last picture of the session was one of me and her (photo creds to her sweet friend¬†in the black dress), and she told me I HAD to share it because I don’t share images of me enough. So just for her, I’m including it in the blog post…even if I look TERRIBLE.

Enjoy all the beautiful pictures of the now MRS. Courtney Adams!

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