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Jordan + Tess | Saluda Shouls, SC Engagement Photography

Jul 30, 2016


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They say when you meet the love of your life, you just know. Well, that’s how I feel about Jordan + Tess. When you meet the clients of your dreams, you just know. I clicked with Tess immediately and absolutely fell in LOVE with her and Jordan during their session. When we were trying to plan their engagement session, I suggested photographing them in a canoe and they were 100% on board. We had planned to do some bike riding also as part of the session, but those plans fell through (and were out of our control). Nevertheless, it was one of my most favorite engagement sessions ever. They were so relaxed the entire time, and I really, really enjoyed walking through the trails of Saluda Shouls with them just chatting and getting to learn more about them. <3

Alisha Millwood of Amazing Moment Weddings joined us for the session and was a HUGE help in styling the canoe scene. (: She made all the greenery for it and even jumped in the water and helped position the boat as I was shooting. She is seriously THE BEST. If you’re looking for a wedding planner, Alisha is your girl. She is GOOD.

I feel like I could write a novel about how much I love these two and their engagement pictures, but I think I’ll stop now and let the pictures do the talking. They were incredibly fun and beautiful, and I am SO lucky to have them as clients and friends. <3

Jordan + Tess, you. are. wonderful! I cannot WAIT for your wedding. Eeek!

Enjoy some of my favorites, friends!

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  1. Alisha says:

    Simply amazing! I can’t pick a favorite! Looking forward to this wedding day for such a sweet, wonderful couple ♡

  2. […] Before I even met Tess at her engagement session, I knew I was going to love her. She is so sweet, and so kind, and so thoughtful. I had so much fun with her and Jordan the first time I met them, and they still hold the record for the longest engagement session I’ve ever had. (See those photos here.) […]

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