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Dirty 30 | Felicia’s Birthday Portrait Session!

Nov 11, 2016


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What else is there to do when you turn 30 besides eat cake, drink wine, and blow confetti? Felicia is the most fabulous 30-year-old I know, and I’m lucky to have her as a sister. I can’t put into words how much she means to me, and how thankful I am to have had her in my life for so many years. My brother got a good one…I couldn’t have picked someone more sweet, or fun, or loving.

Felicia baby, 30 looks good on you! I hope this birthday is even sweeter than all the rest. You’re going to rock out your 30s even better than your 20s. We all know it. (:

I love you! Happy Birthday!!!

2016-11-11_0262 2016-11-11_0263 2016-11-11_0264 2016-11-11_0265 2016-11-11_03002016-11-11_0267 2016-11-11_0268 2016-11-11_0269 2016-11-11_0270 2016-11-11_02712016-11-11_0272 2016-11-11_0273 2016-11-11_0274 2016-11-11_0275 2016-11-11_02762016-11-11_0277 2016-11-11_0278 2016-11-11_0279 2016-11-11_02812016-11-11_0280 2016-11-11_0282 2016-11-11_0283 2016-11-11_02842016-11-11_0285

The best thing about being 30 HAS to be having these two little girls by her side. <3 Be still my heart!

2016-11-11_0286 2016-11-11_02892016-11-11_0290 2016-11-11_02912016-11-11_0292 2016-11-11_0293 2016-11-11_0294 2016-11-11_02952016-11-11_0296 2016-11-11_0297 2016-11-11_0298

Of course the girls wanted in at the end! When Felicia first started digging into the cake, Brayla said, “Mommy, your nails!!!” But she didn’t hesitate when Felicia told them they could have some cake!

When you’re 30, some days call for a little extra wine, and some just call for a few sweet snuggles and delicious cake. (:


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