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Larry + Debbie | Columbia, SC State House Anniversary Photography

Jul 26, 2016


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It’s always REALLY cool when I get referrals from other photographers. That was the case with Larry + Debbie! Larry’s son Tony and his fiancĂ© Jennifer (photographer) decided to gift Larry + Debbie a photo session for their anniversary! (Isn’t that the SWEETEST?!) I’m bias, but I think that’s an awesome gift. I hope they cherish these images for 30+ years more. (:

Anyway, how cool that Jennifer chose me to do them!! I was THRILLED!! It ended up raining on us a little bit, but it wasn’t too terrible! The sun came out for a few photos. (: Enjoy some of my favorites from their session! I hope 33 years of marriage looks this good on me. <3 Happy, Happy Anniversary to Larry + Debbie!!!!

2016-07-26_0001 2016-07-26_0002 2016-07-26_0004 2016-07-26_0003 2016-07-26_00052016-07-26_0006 2016-07-26_0007 2016-07-26_0009 2016-07-26_0008 2016-07-26_00102016-07-26_0011 2016-07-26_0012 2016-07-26_0014 2016-07-26_0013 2016-07-26_00152016-07-26_0016

P.S. I asked them to dance and THIS is what I got: (They are PROS. Look at that dip!)

2016-07-26_0017 2016-07-26_0018 2016-07-26_00192016-07-26_00222016-07-26_0021 2016-07-26_0023 2016-07-26_0024 2016-07-26_0025

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  1. Jennifer Thomas says:

    Thanks, Karly! These are wonderful! I’m so glad I was able to connect with you to do the shoot! :o)

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