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Long Family Christmas Photos | Hollow Creek Tree Farm, Gilbert, SC

Nov 11, 2016


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WARNING: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Please do not continue viewing the below images unless you are prepared for CUTENESS OVERLOAD.

But seriously…these two little girls are the most beautiful, sweet little things you could EVER meet. And guess what? I’m their aunt!! I always love photographing my brother and sister-in-law. They have the sweetest family ever and I’m just so proud of them. <3 Their love for each other is so contagious and inspiring.

Enjoy some of my favorites from their Christmas mini session, and hop on over to this post if you want to see a few more pictures of all of us together with our mom!

2016-11-11_0076 2016-11-11_0077 2016-11-11_0078 2016-11-11_0079 2016-11-11_00802016-11-11_0081 2016-11-11_0082 2016-11-11_0086 2016-11-11_0083 2016-11-11_00842016-11-11_0085 2016-11-11_0087 2016-11-11_0089 2016-11-11_0088 2016-11-11_0090 2016-11-11_00922016-11-11_0093 2016-11-11_0095 2016-11-11_0097 2016-11-11_0094 2016-11-11_00962016-11-11_0100 2016-11-11_0099

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