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Long Family | Gilbert, SC Family Photography

Jun 19, 2016


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It’s 10:00pm, but I still think I’m allowed to give a big HAPPY FATHER’S DAY shout out! Not only to my own wonderful father featured in this post, but also to all the other awesome dads out there who make the world go round.

Before I get too sappy talking about how important and awesome it is to be a dad or have a dad or know an awesome dad, let’s skip to the pictures! For those who don’t know my family situation, you might be confused as to why my dad is featured in these pretty family pictures without…me. (: (Don’t worry—I make an appearance at the end. Disclaimer: I don’t normally dress so ratchet for shoots…) My dad and my sweet step-mom have been taking care of my niece and nephew for almost as long as I can remember. They officially (legally) became their legal guardians a few weeks ago, and so we decided to celebrate with new family pictures!! I am so thankful that my dad took in and cared for sweet little Dylan and Taylor (who are not so little anymore!). These two, along with my other nieces, are like my real siblings. I have loved them with all of my heart and more since they each were born. I couldn’t imagine life without their sweet smiles, funny jokes, and tender hugs. <3

Enjoy some of my favorites…and a VERY Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, especially my dad, father-in-law, and grandpa!! <32016-06-19_00012016-06-19_0002  As silly as these “hands-all-in” pictures might be, I just love them. I think it is the perfect way to symbolize what it really means to be a family: it means being on the same team and being all-in to care for and love each other in good times and bad. They’re all “officially” on the same team now, so it seemed so cheesy and appropriate. (: 2016-06-19_0004 2016-06-19_0005 2016-06-19_00062016-06-19_0011 2016-06-19_00082016-06-19_0012 2016-06-19_0013 2016-06-19_0009

This pretty girl gets a big picture on the blog all by herself because #pretty.

2016-06-19_00102016-06-19_0014 2016-06-19_0015 2016-06-19_0016 2016-06-19_0017 2016-06-19_0018

See. I told you I would make an appearance. <3 I couldn’t take pictures of part of MY family without also being in one! (:


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