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The film process for a wedding day | What to expect

May 2, 2018


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You’ve decided to book—yay!!! (I like this scenario.) Now, what can you expect? Let’s walk through what your wedding photography experience will look like with me! (Because it may differ from other photographers who don’t photograph with film.)


  • Before your wedding day ever comes, I’m ordering rolls of film.


  • I’ll show up in a team of 3.
    Me – I’ll be shooting primarily film!
    Backup shooter – This photographer will shoot over my shoulder and copy every image I take so I’ll have a digital backup for the film images I take. (Steps are taken with digital photography to ensure photos don’t get lost or corrupt, and this is my step to make sure my images are backed up while shooting film.
    Second shooter – This photographer is the one hired to get that second angle, or to be me in another place when I can’t be there.

(Note: a second shooter only comes if booked with your wedding photography package. A backup shooter only comes if I think it’s necessary for photographing your wedding. For example, if your ceremony and reception are both indoors, in low light, I may not need a backup photographer because I won’t shoot much film.)


  • You won’t get a “normal” sneak peek on social media like most photographers, but I do have something even cooler planned to hold you over until the film scans come back.
  • I’ll send off the film to my lab in Utah, and start culling through any digital photos that were taken.
  • 3 weeks later your film images land in my inbox as digital files, and you get a fun social media sneak peek and blog post on my website!
  • I spend time editing all of your digitals to match the film
  • 1-2 weeks after that, your whole gallery lands in YOUR inbox and you get to re-live that beautiful day all over again through timeless photographs.

(matching digitals to the film)

Yay! This is my typical process for working with film on your wedding day. Confused about what film is? Check out this post. Wondering how it differs from digital photography? Check out this post. Still have other questions? Click here for FAQs or send me a note!


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