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Ways to support Karly Richardson Photography

Apr 3, 2020

Hiring Me, Personal

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With all of this time at home, I just keep thinking, “how can I support my clients right now?” I’ve got some helpful blog posts up my sleeves, a few free resources in the works (sign up for my email list to get those when they launch), and even just mailing out goodies to couples who have had to move their wedding dates.

I’ve also been thinking about how I can support other small businesses during this time. I looked up my friend’s business (Iris and Marie Letterpress) on Google so I could leave a review for her, only to find she doesn’t have a Google business listing. (She did Wyatt’s birth announcements for us and I realized I never left a review for her anywhere.) I reached out to her personally to see how I could leave her a review, and it got me thinking: maybe reviews aren’t her thing. All businesses are so different, and the ways you can support us may be different too.

So, I thought I would make it easy to let you know how you can support my business (for free and financially) during this time if you’d like to. I am forever grateful for all of your support in the past, and honestly just can’t say it enough. Thank you thank you thank you. Thank you.

1. Pay what you can for my favorite images.

I created a gallery of my favorite scenic images to share with you. These images make me feel so happy, and I thought they might bring you some peace and joy during this time too. The gallery is set up where you can download them for free, but it would be so kind if you could pay what you can for them. (Every little bit is helpful!) Money can be sent via Venmo to @KarlyRichardson or via PayPal here: (The last 4 digits of my phone number is 6629 if you need if for Venmo.) You can also order prints of these images straight from the gallery. They’ll be printed by a professional lab and sent straight to your door. It’s super easy—you just put in your email and password (create one) and then you can select favorites and order prints. I get a commission from every print purchased. (Note: these are for personal use only and cannot be used for commercial/promotional use.)

Here is the gallery: Scenic Film Images.

2. Purchase prints from your own gallery!

If you are a past client of mine, you can likewise purchase prints from your personal photos. As mentioned above, I get a small commission from those purchases, and every little bit helps!

3. Leave me a review

Reviews are so, so, so, so, so important for my business. They help other clients interested in booking me know that I’m a real person and that other people have had great experiences with me. Reviews are a free way you can support me and really have a huge impact. Google is the best place to leave a review (find my business listing and click “write a review”), but Facebook is great, and so is The Knot and Wedding Wire if I photographed your wedding.

4. Like, comment, & share on social media.

This might seem so trivial, but every time you like, comment, and share my posts on social media, it helps my business.

5. Book a PORCHrait session.

*Closed* You’ve probably seen many different photographers offering this services, and I just LOVE it! I get to continue working, and you get to stay home! (No contact, unfortunately, because I love hugs, and just a few quick photos of your family to remember such a strange time in your life.) Details: $50, 10 minutes, 2-3 images. This is a HUGE special, because this is the cheapest I’ve ever offered photos!! Even my very first session 6 years ago I charged $60. I am absolutely THRILLED to be able to get out and see so many new and familiar faces. Here’s the link where you can signup for a spot:

6. Purchase a gift card and double your money for a portrait session.

I’m offering a 2-day ONLY special where I double your money. You purchase a gift card, and whatever amount you put on there, I will double it. (You pay $50, it turns into $100. You pay $500, it turns into $1,000.) These gift cards can be used for any portrait sessions: full sessions and mini sessions, and for albums purchased through me (not through your gallery). There is no expiration date, so they can be used far into the future. (Load up now for the best deal you’ll ever get!) These gift cards can not be used for prints or other print products, or towards wedding payments or bookings. Booking will open for these gift cards April 26th and April 27th. More details to come.

7. Give your engaged friends my name.

A lot of couples are using this time to wedding plan, and I would absolutely love to help with that. I would love to chat about why I’d be a great fit to photograph their wedding! I’m also supporting newly engaged couples by gifting them something free from my shop (no strings attached). So send them my way! <3


Thank you for anything and everything you do to support me. It means so, so much. And please don’t hesitate to reach out and let me know how I can support you too. On Instagram I’ve been asking how I can pray for people. Come on over and tell me how I can pray for you too.

My passion is in documenting the lives of our families well (mine and yours), and teaching you how to do it too. Follow along as I share photography tips, inspiration, and beautiful portraits.

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