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Richardson Family Photos | Christmas Mini Session, Hollow Creek Tree Farm

Nov 11, 2016


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Last weekend not only did I get to take pictures with my family (check those out here), I also got to take pictures with Tyler’s family! In the other blog post, I told you that those are my people…well—these are my people too. (: I love them just as much as I love my own family. There is ALWAYS fun to be had when I’m with them, and proof of that is in these pictures. <3 Tyler had me cracking up as I was culling and editing these. Every day with them is a good one, and I’m so lucky to be part of their family! <3

A big thank you to Lorin for taking the group shots for us! (You’ve probably seen her name on some of my blog posts as being a second shooter for some of my weddings!) She is a dear friend, and so, so appreciated! Before she grabbed a few shots of us, I was lucky enough to be able to photograph HER (and her sweet family)! You can check those out here!

Enjoy some of my favorites of the (us) Richardsons!!

2016-11-11_0229 2016-11-11_0232 2016-11-11_0231 2016-11-11_0234 2016-11-11_0233 2016-11-11_0237 2016-11-11_02352016-11-11_0239 2016-11-11_0242 2016-11-11_02402016-11-11_0255 2016-11-11_0253 2016-11-11_02592016-11-11_0244 2016-11-11_0245 2016-11-11_02462016-11-11_0235 2016-11-11_0250 2016-11-11_0249 2016-11-11_0248 2016-11-11_0251 2016-11-11_02472016-11-11_0258 2016-11-11_0256 2016-11-11_0230

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  1. Jamie Slice says:

    Beautiful pictures

  2. Hannah Calamas says:

    The most precious family!!

  3. Pam Anderson says:

    These are awesome! Love the photo bombs!

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